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Whatever your choice, we can scan it to a CD so that you work with your images on a computer.

After your negatives or slides are scanned, you can email them, work them, or print them from the CD. We can even print a colour image in Black & White!

We offer 2 choices of scan resolutions to suit your needs.

35mm Film

4base is our standard scanning resolution (1545 px x 1024 px). This will give you good prints up to around 20cm x 30cm without cropping, and is a great resolution for emails to friends and family to allow them to print the files.

Our High Resolution 16base scans (2000px x 3000px) will allow you to crop your original image and for most larger prints up to around 30cm x 45cm, will give great quality results.

Scans can be saved onto Archival Gold CD or DVDs which will last over 100 years.

APS Film

The above 3 resolution scans can also be made from APS Film. The pixel count is slightly different due to the different size negatives, but this great film format can produce great prints and enlargements.

110 & 126 Negatives

We can also handle scans of images from these films


Do you have old Gratispool paper negatives? If so, take them in to us and we will reprint them on new high quality Kodak archival paper for you. Alternatively post them to our store and let our team professionally handle the order.

How long does it take?

Our usual service time is between 3-7 Days, Express service available on small orders.

How much does it cost?

  • Sizes
  • 24 Negative Film (35mm), Scanned (4 Base) to CD
  • 36 Negative Film (35mm), Scanned (4 Base) to CD
  • 24 Negative Film (35mm), Scanned (16 Base) to CD
  • 36 Negative Film (35mm), Scanned (16 Base) to CD
  • 25 APS Cartridge, Scanned (4 Base) to CD
  • 40 APS Cartridge, Scanned (4 Base) to CD
  • Price
  • £6.00
  • £8.00
  • £9.00
  • £12.00
  • £5.00
  • £7.00

All scanned films are supplied with an Index Print.Medium Format Negatives, Please enquire.

Other Formats

Non standard films such as 120, 127, 116,122, 828 and other "vintage formats" can also be scanned (and printed), but please contact us or ask for details on the costs involved.

Got Slides?

See our Slide Scanning page.

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